In the run up to the degree show, I have been looking into words that I have come across whilst looking into renewable energy:








I found these interesting connotations when looking at the structures I see in these images, known for being such powerful generators of energy, yet they sit in our environments quite peacefully.


I feel as if I have come to know these wonderful machines over the past few months quite well and through these images, I want to be able to capture their essence as unique ‘characters’ and that they don’t take away from our landscapes but add to them.


I ordered A1 prints of several images (a much more difficult task than I had initially thought, as I quickly became aware of the large archive of images I have collated) to hopefully arrive next week which will be when we find out our allocated spaces. I knew it wouldn’t be a cheap project when, from the beginning I loved the idea of large scale prints, but deciding between quality and size of print, I opted for A1 (I was torn between this and a 30″x40″, but believe this will be just as effective) and card mounting, which I’m excited to have tie into my renewable ethos.



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