I have been enjoying looking at a more natural approach to editing my images, which I believe benefits their overall appearance.


I have recently been thinking about what my intentions are for the upcoming degree show and the ways in which I plan on best displaying my work – with it only a month away, the pressure is building and deadlines are coming up.


These next two weeks are important to me catching up on sketchbook work and deriving a plan as the week that follows will involve me hopefully being allocated my space which will allow me to know better what sizes of prints I will need to order.


With the company that I have been using, it will take essentially a week to have prints done and mounted, so the sooner i get this done, the less that can go wrong. I have business cards printed, just need to think about how/if I want to display them within the space – another thing which will have to wait until I know which space is mine.


I have been swithering as to wether I need another website to better organise my images, as I’m not sure how much sense there is to printing all of the images out to put into sketchbooks, when their form on a computer screen would in fact be of a better quality and essentially save me printing money.


Another question I have been asking is whether i should include un-mounted prints in my area which can be on a table or on the floor (this may just look unprofessional and end up being unnecessary).



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