Chasing the weather


Recently in Aberdeen the weather has been all over the place with it hail stoning one moment, and sunny the next – regardless, the sky has maintained a constant layer of cloud cover for as long as I can recall.


With this, I have learnt that I don’t feel fully confident in my photos when the weather isn’t behaving – I seem to have deluded myself into believing that if I don’t capture a day worth of photos where the sky is bright blue and the sun is out, that these images won’t turn out to be the engulf the audience sort of pictures that I want.


Out of frustration for not having taken photos for longer than I had intended, I went out of the city with my camera and the plan to see how the weather played it as to whether or not I’d capture anything worth sharing.


Turns out that there is a wonderful atmosphere created when you find yourself chasing rainclouds around the countryside. I spent the day chasing turbines and trying to optimise the angle that the sun hit them and the types of fields that I had in the foreground.


This isn’t me admitting that any rainy day in Aberdeenshire would be able to recreate these scenes, but I need to learn – and have done so – that if I am to build up my photos and perfect my technique, I need to try and work with the sporadic weather that we endure and use it to my advantage.









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