New Site


The weather has been testing up in Aberdeen recently, with hail and snow hitting sporadically. This has made it difficult to be out with the camera as this new turbine site is accessible only by foot along the dunes that follow the North Sea – it’s a bit cold on the best of days so with the miserable weather I’d been putting it off.


I found it interesting that a golf course surrounds the turbine – obviously the course was there before the turbine – and you wonder what objections would have been given when planning permission of the structure had come out.


There are a lot of industrial buildings around this area, with the beach boulevard only a half hour walk away. So to say that the turbine had taken away any beauty that the area once held would be to ignore the overall appearance of the area with businesses surrounding the view out to the sea.


The colour differences between the sky and golf course make me want to pursue the adaption of images which hold minimal colours and give a clean overall look, like the one above.


I noticed a household turbine close to the main turbine, and thought it interesting being able to see such contrast between it and an industrial sized one. It almost creates a sense of growth with the smaller turbine facing the larger one, striving to one day be as tall.


Another beautiful contrast was the long yellow grass on the dunes and the way in which it worked well with the turbine and moody skies.


The golf course was active and whenever golfers passed by the area in front of the turbine, it was a reminder of how large these structures truly are.



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