Sustentation (n)
1. maintenance in being or activity; the sustaining of life through vital processes.
2. provision with means or funds for upkeep.
3. means of sustaining life; sustenance.


The naming of work has always been something that I have struggled with, so it is no surprise that with the pre-degree show opening this week I am blanking and a title for my work is proving difficult.

I feel that it is a case of “short and sweet” being a far more attractive and effective output.

A list of current possibilities;












DSC_0849 copy

I want to be able to link the turbines with the land in which they stand, without making it too obvious (as in “the link between” or “unnatural structures”). I feel that one word looks smart and sleek – you shouldn’t have to justify your work through the title, in my opinion – it should be a slight insight to what you are exploring and make the viewer more inquisitive towards it.



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