Comparing Constants.

I have been playing around with the idea of a closer tie between the landscape and turbines. I want to showcase the developmental process that ties the two together. Be it the funding that is at the core of any wind farm beginning or the water that the plants need to grow.


Sculpture has aways been an interest to me, although it has intimidated me enough to not play around with any concepts that concern it recently. To try and break away from photography – as a way to potentially see things from a new light and spur on new ideas – I have been testing out the use of clay to create (small for the moment whilst I get comfortable with the basics) structures that resemble both a growing seedling and a turbine. I will continue to pursue this idea and update this blog on the journey.


The comparison whilst looking at a landscape where wind turbines are present against one that has power lines in it is that nowadays no one notices the latter as being there. We have grown so used to them that the blend into the landscape and are forgotten about. How long will it be before the same happens to wind turbines – if at all? I have been comparing images with each subject present and am interested to see if people were asked which images they preferred and if there were a pattern to the answers.


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