Finding Balance

The final semester has kicked off to a running start. Trying to find a healthy balance between the dissertation and studio work without feeling like one or the other is being neglected has proven difficult. With that being said, the two bounce off one another with them each being research for the other.


Gray’s do yearly ‘study trips’ which are a great excuse to get away from the Granite City for a week. They are obviously so much more than that – they give us, young artists, the opportunity to explore a new culture and fuel our work. The week ends with an exhibition produced by all the students which is an incredible experience, with the ability to have a unique location added to the CV.


This year, I chose not to attend, due to a mixture of financial and other reasons. ‘Other’ really meant that I wanted the week to give myself a head-start at getting back into the mindset of uni (for the final time.. eek). It’s been good, having the studios quiet it’s given me a good chance to really concentrate and find the passion and drive that I had lost slightly during the Christmas break. Saying that, it’ll be nice to have everyone back next week, as often the atmosphere of a busy studio helps everyone spur one another along.


Fourth year so far has really tested my ability to make time for everything. Not in the sense that i’m so busy that I can’t keep up with uni work, but it the way that we have very few to no tutorials or lectures, so having the drive to keep at it and be as productive as you can be seems more important than ever. It has been this sudden cut from having tutors holding your hand every step of the way to very little contact that has really helped me remember why I am on this course and that I want to get the most from it as possible. It also doesn’t hurt being passionate about the topic I have been researching which I seem not to have been able to do previously.


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