New year, final semester..


The new semester has kicked in and I’ve fallen into the dangerous lapse of relaxing and forgetting about uni work. I feel like I was in a good state of mind before the new year and hope to kick-start that mentality again this week whilst I get back into the swing of juggling my dissertation and studio work.


During the break, I’ve been looking into the ability to place the wind turbines into city centres and was recently reminded how good an idea this is to get people talking about objects townspeople may not see in their daily lives – Nayan Kulkarni’s turbine blade piece which has made its way into the city centre of Hull has received a mixture of reactions and allowed me to think about the structure in a way I had not considered with a quote from the artist reading “carefully positioned it will force us to drift around its arabesque edges, our sight taking the place of the breeze. The twisting wing although inert and at rest in the street, speaks of movement, but not of freedom”.


Through alterations of the imagery I have collected through my experiences of turbines, I have edited them in a way in which to make people want to ask questions about the subject and not just acknowledge them as ‘nice photos’.


Idolising the sun and the wind.


Aberdeen’s Union Street ft Aberdeenshire landscape.



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