Christmas Break


It’s been very easy since receiving some positive feedback on my dissertation to put off getting back into the workload that awaits me, especially as it’s the Christmas holidays and I’ve had a couple of days off work. In an attempt to throw myself back into it, I went out to try and get some more shots of our local turbines. We woke up to a snowy morning but the sun was out and had melted most of it by the time I got out to take some shots.


With a low sitting sun and seriously high winds, boxing day was perfect to be stopping my car on the single track roads that go past the wind farm, with the roads deserted and blue skies it was nice to be able to take some time to watch how the structures interact with the peaceful landscape.


This week, I plan on getting closer shots of the turbines from different angles than I currently have and in the near future I hope to get inside of the turbines to get some images of how the turbines look at our landscape and their view of it.


With the question of “how is this art?” constantly lingering in my head, it is vital for me to find more meaning in my work and to accept the possibility that these images may end up being the journey to final pieces and as vital research steps for me to claim my own style and unique approach to this topic.



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