Looking Ahead.


Hello – I’m a Contemporary Art Practice student in my final year at Gray’s School of Art. I have finally come around to creating a blog for my work and thoughts around it.


I have been looking through my images recently and planning out business cards for our pre-degree show in February (scary to think how quickly fourth year has flown by) so thought I’d include some photos of a shoot I did in November (all of which are pre-edit as wordpress would not upload the final products but this blog process is all about learning and improving myself).


I recently endured a “Progress Review” of which I normally enjoy as it allows tutors to honestly tell you where you are in regards of your ideas and your output of work. This one was a difficult one of which I was asked the question (one of a small amount that I strongly dislike being asked as it just seems near impossible to be able to answer with anything but “because I say so therefore it is”) “but why is this art?”. Why is this art? What is art? Where do I start with being able to fathom a reason as to why – the images of which I produce because I hold the topic close to me and enjoy the process and outcome of it – this is art?


I have just recently handed in my draft dissertation which is about how the visual arts have been used to portray wind turbines and essentially the pros and cons of this. Throughout the initial 3 years of university, I always heard horror stories from people I worked with, to friends and even my parents as to how horrible the experience of writing your dissertation will be. Naturally, with this as my expectation, I embraced the challenge in a state of unease and dread. However (and this being said before I receive my review on my draft so my feelings towards this topic could change dramatically) I can honestly say that I enjoyed writing this – it gave me the excuse to contact artists about a topic I am genuinely interested in. To speak to people and have facts and figures that I didn’t have to drill into my mind but picked up through intrigue.


With wind turbines and where we get our energy from a controversial topic (one that we should all if not be aware about at least want to learn more about) I am enjoying trying to show them off in a sense. To display them in the landscape as not just a “white pillar in our once beautiful, untouched landscape” (something someone who was not for these structures may say) but as something which enhances our countryside and brings intrigue to why they are there and what this means for our future of energy.



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